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Unique tattoo designs 

At Ruby Rose Designs, I believe in creating beautiful and unique tattoo designs that you will love to display with pride.

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Once your purchase has been completed, it will be emailed to you straightaway as a digital file, ready to be downloaded instantly. I’ll also send an email that you can show to your tattoo artist stating they have permission to tattoo one of my designs.


Please note, the tattoo designs supplied by Ruby Rose Designs are copyrighted and sold to be used as a single use tattoo design only. They are not to be used for flash sheets, prints or sold in tattoo shops.

Tattoo customs are currently closed but are reopening soon. Please keep an eye out on social media for our relaunch, to be added to a cancellation list/ reopening list please still fill out this form.

This is a form for a personalised unique tattoo design created by me. I create each design from scratch, based on your ideas/inspired by my existing work. If you could please describe your idea in as much detail as possible in the box below, feel free to add a size and any reference images that may help (in URL form please).  From there, we can then discuss the pricing, finalise payment and then schedule you in for your rough copy. Once I have sent it to you, here is when you will be able to make any changes or add and swap any details that you wish. Once you are happy we can finalise the design and it will be sent to the email that you provided on the form, as a PDF

Your design is yours and yours only, it will be private between us and no one else will have it, making it completely unique to you. Prices depend on size, complexity, and detail within the design. They can range from between £100-£300.

I only accept designs in my current style which are detailed fine line and shading. For example, styles that I will accept include colour, traditional, hyper-realism and mandala work.

Remember, a custom design is unique to you and is a product of my creative process, therefore you can expect the price to be slightly more than my other designs. Consider it an investment!

Please note that unfortunately I currently do not do sleeves, cover-up or wrap-around designs.

If you are interested in an existing design of mine but want some changes made, this will cost less than creating a whole new unique piece. Please let me know the design that you are interested in and explain in detail, in the box below, the changes that you want to make.

I reserve the right to decline any request.

Thanks for submitting!

WHEN CUSTOMS REOPEN: Please allow for up to two weeks for my response IF your design is chosen and make sure to check your spam folder!

Ruby Rose Designs logo

Any questions about my custom tattoo design process? Send a message to and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

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