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Meet our tattoo ARTIST AND  designer

Working in Brighton and Hove but originally from Ireland, I'm here to share my unique artwork style with the world through Ruby Rose Designs.

About RUBY and her work

“I centre my work around feminism, female empowerment, self-love and mental health, as well as a lot of other similar topics. All my designs are created with emotion and often translate a lot of hidden messages, all while representing everything I stand for. I create my designs in the hope of connecting with people, so that they can have a beautiful and meaningful tattoo on them for life.
Knowing that thousands of people around the world now have my art tattooed on them gives me drive and purpose to keep creating pieces that celebrate empowerment, no matter what way you interpret it.”


Find out more about RUBY

Why did you start designing?

I started designing through my love of creating meaningful pieces of art that connect to people. I originally started with focusing on tattoo designs, here is where I found my passion and love of designing female portraits that convey messages. I am now a tattoo designer, artist and a painter. I love jumping between creative mediums and allowing my art to be interpreted multiple times in different ways.

What are your favourite styles?

I love portraiture and detailed fine line work, alongside shading that creates a more realistic-looking design. I tend to incorporate animals, florals and love gothic or witchy vibes. I love the idea of playing around with elements that usually wouldn’t be put together but somehow work really well.

What are your future goals?

I would love to carry on inspiring through my artwork in multiple mediums such as tattooing and designing. My goal for my brand is to bring attention to pressing social issues and to succeed as a young female-run company. With the launch of merchandise and creating Boutique Ruby Rose, I want to expand this brand and message globally.

Ruby Rose Designs logo

For more information on my tattoo designs, or to book a consultation, email Ruby Rose Designs today at

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